Coveralls, Overalls

Coveralls, Overalls

1. Introduction.

Thanks to Zaza Medical, both governments and people, in particular, can buy different sanitary products so that workers can carry out their tasks in the best possible way so that neither they nor the patients have problems. It does not matter if we are in a Health Center or any hospital.

Our factory has a large production capacity, specifically 50K for non-sterilized gowns, but 30K for sterilized gowns, for each day.

If there is a need to increase production as in the current pandemic, it is possible. This is because our factory installed in 2019 we have a total of 3,500 square meters, of which a total of 1,000 square meters are areas that go outdoors.

Our 120 workers are in charge of fulfilling the needs that the company has every day. Thus, they have made the maximum of the capacity to follow all the sanitaria and deduction regulations that exist in the country of the United Kingdom.

The supervisors who work with us are in charge of monitoring if the cleaning and hygiene are carried out in the best possible way. With all this, the workers are in charge of making the sterilized gowns and they usually use all kinds of protective equipment so that these gowns are not contaminated.

Two of the most important products that we are going to highlight in this article are coveralls and overalls.

2- Coveralls.

Coveralls are overalls that allow caregivers to work in health centres without any problems.

The material to make these overalls is fabric, which also allows everything to be correct and in its place, it also comes with different bags so that these people can include their tools there.

3- Overalls.

Overalls are coveralls manufactured directly for use in toilets.

The manufacturing material has to do with polyethene. With this material, the toilets are going to be protected in the best possible way so that patients do not become infected with anything.

4- Conclusion.

In conclusion, Zaza Medical is a website that allows you to purchase all kinds of health products to protect workers in this sector and that there is no problem in the United Kingdom, so you can obtain the possibility of selling everything internationally. They even take care of manufacturing them themselves.

Two of the products we sell are coveralls and overalls. These coveralls allow both maintenance workers and health workers to work with specific safety and hygiene measures.

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