Hair Covers & Hair Nets

Hair Covers & Hair Nets

1. Introduction.

Zaza Medical is a company dedicated to the manufacture and production of different clothing for the protection of all health services personnel.

Our factory is the one to manufacture at least 40K of sterilized gowns.

If there is any problem related to a possible pandemic such as the current COVID, we can address this increased protection in the best conditions. The factory has been established in 2019, along with good land with several areas that have been designated for outdoor living.

They usually work on about 120 people each day it will be possible to fulfil those needs that the company has. All workers will pass the maximum capacity with the safety regulations that are necessary and present in all aspects of the production.

We can pay great attention to all that cleaning and hygiene. It is possible to expect that these workers will make the gowns and use all the protective equipment so that no type of contamination may occur in the gowns. All of this will be reviewed and executed daily by all supervisors.

2- The covers for the hair.

One of the products we have at Zaza Medical is hair covers. They allow us to have our hair covered at all times. They are usually one size fits all, so the opening will be flexible to fit all possible head sizes. There can be different colours and it is made thanks to specific material, polystyrene. This product will always be sterilized, since it is disposable, after specific use it can be thrown away without problems, and then use another.

3- The hairnets.

Another product that we should highlight in this article is the hairnet. It is a mesh fabric in the shape of a net that has the shape of a bag and that serves to decorate the hair, but in this case, we are going to use it to protect our head and in this case, we can reduce the number of infections, yes just for patients, no for oneself.

The material is polystyrene, they are also disposable, so there will be no problems related to contamination.

You have several patterns and colours to be able to execute.

4- Conclusion.

In conclusion, two of the products that we offer you from Zaza MEdical are covers and hairnets. Both products are used to cover the hair and thus avoid any problem related to possible infections in patients, so the risk for this will be lower.

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