Medical PPE Products

Medical PPE Products

Zaza Medical is a company dedicated to providing products to medical centers, regardless of type, different uniforms so that workers can exercise their jobs with the maximum possible safety, especially in these circumstances related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our Company

Our company supplies products UK, Ireland and all over Europe medical companies and hospitals without any issues, and we even have the capacity to increase production if it is essential.
These people have the necessary protections at all times so that they bring them as safely as possible. Especially with the new health laws due to COVID 19.

We have a large number of products, now we will talk about some of them.

Zaza Medical Products

Zaza Medical company has a large number of products, some of them will be discussed below:

Shoe Covers

Medical PPE Products

Shoe covers: we have disposable shoe covers. It is made of non woven. It has a very flexible goa that allows the shoe to be included in the shoe cover itself. They are important products for the entrance of the operating rooms of all those people who participate in the hospitals, caterin, cleaning and hygiene.

Bouffant Caps

Bouffant caps: these caps are medical, catering, hygiene, hospitals and non medical use. It has different elements of decoration that will depend on the taste of each of the workers who use it. The manufacturing material is the non woven. Even these hats can be ready in blue and green colors. Have a elastic to fit the cap very well on your head, this elastic is located around the hat itself. These hats are very punishable since after an operation they are disposable.

Surgeon Caps

Surgeon caps: a total of two types of disposable surgical caps are produced in this factory, the first laminated and the second disposable. In the first case, it is white, it is made of PPE, it has an elastic band so that it molds well to the head, it is one size. In the second case, it has two colors to choose from, blue and green, it is made of a specific material such as PPE, it is one size fits all with a total of 33 centimeters in diameter, then you can adjust it to your head thanks to the strings to tie it.


In conclusion, this company is going to dedicate itself to the production, and even the manufacture of protective clothing for all those people who are dedicated to working in medical centers of all kinds, be they hospitals or clinics, for example. Thus, we have counted some of these products such as two types of caps, the surgeon and the bouffant, along with the shoe covers.
So if you want to get all these products, just contact us through our two phone numbers, with our email, including in-person throughout the day or through the form that is available.

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