Scrub suit

1. Introduction.

Zaza Medical is a company that manufactures and markets all kinds of products dedicated to the protection of both saints and patients who are within any medical centre, no matter if it is a Health Center or a Hospital.

Our factory can produce a total of 50K for gowns that are not sterilized, but for sterilized gowns, they are 30Kin units daily.

If it is necessary to increase production due to pandemic situations such as this case of COVID, it is possible. This is because we have a factory that was installed in 2019 with an area of ​​3,500 square meters, of which 1,000 square meters correspond to different areas that are outdoors.

We have a total of 120 workers daily. These workers give the callus every day to work in the best possible way and above all, they follow all the production regulations, especially as well as health, this is due to the current pandemic with which we must be very careful.

The managers will be in charge of the maximum cleaning and hygiene within the factory and the working machines. Something that will allow you to always work at full capacity.

2- Scrub suit.

The scrub suit is the pyjamas that the toilets usually have on every time they are on their work shift. It is made up of two parts that are pants and a shirt with a pocket.

We have a total of three sizes available, M, L and XL. The colour will always be blue, so there is no problem with the choice.

The manufacturing material is an opaque and very resistant terra. The pants fit without problems to our waist thanks to a drawstring.

These suits are disposable, so if you throw them in a concrete container, they will not pollute or be bad for the environment.

3- Conclusion.

In conclusion, Zaza Medical is a company that is dedicated to producing and selling all kinds of products related to sanctuaries and their final protection against patients so that in this way they can be calm in terms of possible infections or not so much. For this reason, one of the products that we have dedicated ourselves to see this article with pyjamas. These pyjamas are made up of a total of two pieces, a T-shirt with a pocket and blue pants always. Also, there are a total of three sizes such as the average, the larges

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