Surgeon Caps

Surgeon Caps

1. Introduction.

Zaza Medical is a website that is dedicated to producing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of products related to the protection of health workers and patients within the medical centre.

We have a factory capable of producing between 40-50K of gowns that are not sterilized and up to 30K with sterilized gowns.

If we are in a COVID pandemic, it is possible to increase all capacities. This factory has been established in 2019 on land that reaches 3,500 square meters, of all of them on 1,000 square meters in different areas that have been designated to be outdoors.

A total of 120 people work daily to meet those needs that the company has and if more personnel have to be hired to supply a larger production, there will be no problems. All workers are to work to the best of their abilities following all current legislation related to health and safety, along with other aspects of production.

Our managers will pay great attention to both cleanliness and hygiene. These workers will still make the gowns that are sterilized to wear good protective gear so that these gowns are not contained.

In this article, we are going to point out some of the products that we come, in this almost, the operating room cap.

2- Surgical caps.

In the previous article, we talked about surgical caps that are laminated, in this one we are almost going to focus on disposables.

These are hats available in two different colours, blue and green. The material is polyethene. It has an elastic part in front that allows it to fit on any head, thanks to the straps on the back, you can regulate everything.

It serves to protect our hair within a place as sensitive as an operating room, where the patient can choose an infection for less than nothing.

The diameter is 33 centimetres.

3- Conclusion.

In conclusion, Zaza Medical is a store for healthcare products and supplying all medical centres and hospitals within the UK, although it can be extended internationally.

This company has a large continuous production capacity, so if more needs to be done, there will be no problem.

In this article, we have dedicated ourselves to talking about surgical caps and especially about one of them with specific characteristics, the disposable. There are two specific colours, blue and green. It serves to cover the hair of the toilets and that no hair falls to the patient.

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