Surgical Caps

1. Introduction.

Zaza Medical is a website that contains all kinds of clothing dedicated to the protection of both sanitariums and patients who are in any medical centre such as a hospital.

We have a factory that has the capacity to produce around 40k of sterilized gowns, although there may be more. Even in these times of pandemic when we need all these products so much, it is possible to increase production to the maximum and thus be able to supply the entire country to the minimum.

The factory, in particular, was established two years ago with a surface area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters, but it has another 10,000 additional meters to be outdoors in case it is necessary.

Under normal conditions, around 120 people usually work in this factory, which fully satisfies the needs in principle that this factory has, if production has to be increased, it would be possible to hire more personnel. Also, all these workers will be with the greatest possible security accompanying the possibility of none of the products leaving the factory contaminated and reaching where it is needed in the best conditions.

All of this will be highly supervised by our managers.

2- Surgical caps.

One of the products that we offer is surgical caps. Within our website, we find two types, in this case, we are going to focus on laminates.

It is a white cap that is usually worn to enter to do any type of operation in the operating room. It has a rubber band on the front and the back, it has two cords that can be tied as much as possible to adjust it to the head since there will only be one size. The manufacturing material is the best for these cases, that is, polystyrene. They are disposable, so when you finish using it, you can throw it in the concrete container that is necessary. In this way, we will not have problems using the next one.

It prevents any type of infection from being transmitted since it covers our hair while you are working in a very complicated place such as a toilet.

3- Conclusion.

In conclusion, Zaza Medical is a website that sells products to protect the sanctuaries in health centres such as hospitals. In this case, we are talking about laminated surgical caps, which helps us to perform a good operation in an operating room. They will protect the patient from possible infection by covering our hair, thus, no hair will fall in that area, something that is very important for all this.

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