Warm up jackets

Warm up jackets

1. Introduction.

The Zaza Medical website is dedicated to producing and marketing products that have to do with the health and protection of patients and workers who are inside any Health Center or Hospitals in the UK.

Count on a factory that can produce a maximum of 50K if we talk about the non-sterilized gowns and 30K in the sterilized gowns, this will all be up to date.

If a higher production can be obtained, such as a pandemic period such as the one we are going through at the moment with COVID, we can assume it without any problem. This is thanks to the fact that the factory-installed in 2019 has a total area of ​​3,500 square meters and 1,000 square meters dedicated to the various outdoor spaces.

In this factory, there are a total of 120 people working every day. These people will work in the best possible way, following the production and health regulations as important as we are in this period.

Managers are in charge of keeping the factory and the machines clean and with the best possible hygiene. This will ensure that the sterilized gowns are perfect.

In this article we are going to point out one of the products that are sold on this website, they are thermal jackets.

2- Warm-up jackets.

Thermal jackets without important for those workers who have to go to the refrigerators and warehouses of these medical centres.

The manufacturing material is polyethene. The jackets come in different sizes so there is no problem with who wears them. They are also personal, so if you wear one, it is yours, even if they are renewed every year.

On the other hand, the issue of colours will not be a problem because when working in a hospital, the colour will be one at all times.

3- Conclusion.

In conclusion, Zaza Medical is a company that is dedicated to selling and producing hospital products so that these health workers can give their best to be able to attend to all the patients that are in the hospital.

The product that we have developed in this article is the thermal jacket, something as important as storage in hospital refrigerators. As always, the manufacturing material is polyethene. It is a very sterilized product that protects workers not only from the cold but also from the risk of infection.

The size of these jackets can vary depending on the people who have to wear them, this way we go from S to XXL without problems. Thus, there will be no impediment.

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