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Hair Covers

Zaza Medical is a company dedicated to the manufacture and production of different clothing for the protection of all health services personnel. Our factory is the one to manufacture at least 40K of sterilized gowns. If there is any problem related to a possible pandemic such as the current COVID, we can address this increased … Continue reading

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Gowns Zaza Medical is a website that allows you to buy different health products so that both governments and the proven sector can supply these products related to the protection of both health workers and patients within Medical Centers in the United Kingdom, being Health centres or hospitals. Apart from marketing these products, we take … Continue reading

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Disposable Coveralls

Disposable Coveralls Zaza Medical is a website that is responsible for producing and selling different health products so that governments can purchase different health products to protect their workers in the health sector. These products will be inside the Health Centers and Hospitals. We have a factory with good production capacity, about 50K gowns that … Continue reading

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Coveralls Thanks to Zaza Medical, both governments and people, in particular, can buy different sanitary products so that workers can carry out their tasks in the best possible way so that neither they nor the patients have problems. It does not matter if we are in a Health Center or any hospital. Our factory has … Continue reading

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Medical PPE Products

Medical PPE Products Zaza Medical is a company dedicated to providing products to medical centers, regardless of type, different uniforms so that workers can exercise their jobs with the maximum possible safety, especially in these circumstances related to the Coronavirus pandemic. Our Company Our company supplies products UK, Ireland and all over Europe medical companies … Continue reading

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